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The encounter between two arts on stage together, separate yet blending, different yet complimentary.

The Insomnia stage, taken from our show, has become our communication video:

Video by Auréliano Ramella and Armand Pochon (lights)

A guitarist-composer, Vincent Schmidt, and a contemporary dancer, Noémie Cuérel, present a unique show, blending their two arts to reach a heterogeneous audience.

Vincent Schmidt has just released his second solo *‘Fingerstyle’ album, entitled ‘Between Hope and Fire’.

* ‘Fingerstyle’ is a style of guitar playing that simultaneously combines bass, melody and percussion.

Noémie and Vincent saw the opportunity to create a performance from these new titles (from March to June 2019). Wishing to keep the usual sequence specific to concerts, (that is, one song after the other, with transitions and interactions with the audience), they navigated from song to song, offering a varied panel of tableaux, each of which tells its own story.

The occupation of space on stage, on the other hand, is not what one usually encounters during a concert. Indeed, the quality of the movements can vary enormously over the course of the pieces, each of which having its own specificity. Thus, the atmospheres of the dramatic compositions are different for each of the pieces, suggesting many varied universes, leaving a lot space for the audience’s imagination.

Through the meeting and collaboration of their two arts, Noémie Cuérel and Vincent Schmidt aim highlight the specificities of their own modes of expression:

As an artist, the musician transmits to his audience, through his music itself and through his body’s entire expression, strong and varied emotions.

For the dancer, on the contrary, it is her whole body that becomes an instrument, it is at the service of her interpretation as a performer and accompanies the rhythm and different musical accents.

Between Hope and Fire: Dernière parution
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