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Noémie Cuérel was born on January 23,1995 in Lausanne, Switzerland. She started dancing in 1999 and joined the AFJD (Association for Training Young Dancers), where she studied different styles of dance.

She obtained her baccalaureate in 2013 and won several prestigious medals including:

  • the gold medal at the Gymnasiums’ Competition, Nag Night

  • the gold medal in the Swiss Modern-Jazz Dance Competition

  • the Dance Prize awarded by the AFJD

Noémie joined the Junior Dance Company ‘Le Marchepied’ in 2013. She joined the SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) from 2014 to 2018, where she perfected her contemporary dance and worked with renowned teachers and choreographers

(Edivaldo Ernesto, Mala Kline, Anastasia Valsamaki, Anton Lachky, Eduardo Torroja, Anna Tenta and many more).

During her years in Austria she obtained a certificate of Pilates Teacher (BASI Pilates Teacher Certificate). She now teaches contemporary and modern jazz.

In 2019, she discovered the work of David Zambrano, a pioneer in improvisation and founder of the ‘Flying Low and Passing Through Techniques’. She participated in the international workshops called ’60 Days’ and ’ Intensive D.Z’. She was invited by David Zambrano to work as an interpreter in his show ‘AGE’.

Since the creation of NOEM’S CIE ( NOEM’S CO) in 2018, three dance pieces have emerged:

  • a solo, ‘The Rose’, which was inspired by the life of Janice Joplin. Noèmie was awarded the prize for the Best Dance Piece at the Opus 1 Festival in Celje, Slovenia.

  • a group piece, ‘Body Stories Mind’ in which she focused on the difference of bodies in our society.

  • In 2019 NOEM’s CIE co-produced the concert show, ‘Between Hope and Fire’ in collaboration with fingerstyle guitarist, Vincent Schmidt.

Noémie is a contemporary dancer and performer. She is passionate about choreography, rhythm, musicality and thrilling a heterogeneous audience. She interprets the dance and theatricality that movement can provide. By moving back and forth between different qualities of movement, situations and interactions on stage, she engages the public into a world of possibilities and self-questioning.

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