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We hear applause, we are in the dark, and the light comes in slowly. She enters. She is in an imaginary stadium. She has 360 degree vision and looks around her, moved, the audience looks at her and cheers. She moves through the space by twirling from one emotion to the other.

With lightness, sensitivity and delicateness, she tries to show the best of herself, her best mask to her audience… but her pain overwhelms her like a wave. She is overcome by the feeling of a lack of unconditional love that causes her agonising spasms.

She alternates between these two personalities, these two masks of emotion until she reaches the microphone and the music starts… ( ‘Stay with me’ - Bette Midler)

Her body becomes her instrument. It sings, it lives the music and reacts in total harmony with the breathing, accents, timings, emotions... Music is therapy, movement is therapy, and she feels liberated and is not afraid anymore.

The climax of the song is nearing but the music stops abruptly, and there is a total change in the lighting. She stops dancing. She approaches the microphone, we hear her breathing, and we wait for something to happen ... suddenly she passes in front of the microphone and speaks to the audience, a real audience this time and not the one in her imagination. She confronts them by asking what they want from her, which is what they want her to be.

-‘’Are you looking at me?’’

The Rose: Dernière parution
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