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‘’It’s mine, it’s my body. I only have one in this life. I need to love it, to take care of it. I should express myself, speak, shout, yell that it’s mine and that I’m proud of it’’.

Body Stories Mind is a story about the body, time and women. This show looks at the fragility and, at the same time, at the power conveyed by a group.

How do you see yourself?

What are the situations that made you feel uncomfortable?

What are your complexes about your body?

Why do you have them?

How do you react about them?

What are the repercussions?

In what context did you have them?

What started them?

A conversation ? A comment made by friends, family, teachers, the media ?

Did you feel that you were the only one to have them?

Have you ever felt that people have labelled you?

Different approaches, different angles, different stories, different bodies of different women:

Body Stories Mind: Dernière parution
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